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Over the years, the country has experienced unprecedented leaps in technology. Kenya has become one of the leading markets for gadgets and tech devices in the East African region, with the market share expanding exponentially. The IT space has also expanded, with the overall region becoming more tech-savvy and creating an increased demand for software solutions. Moreover, the country has introduced technology, IT, and coding to the education system, particularly in the new curriculum, and is a global leader in mobile money through M-pesa. As such, it is clear that Kenya has a bright future as a technological hub in the East African region.

The Problem

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the economies to the test, and many have failed. The pandemic escalated the urgency for technological adaptation with the need for social distancing and remote work. Kenyan businesses were incredibly unprepared for the change, and many have inevitably shut down. Curfews, regional lockdowns, and stay at home directives have all disoriented the way people do business and created a need for a restructuring. Consequently, this has pushed the nation towards rapid technology adaptation with the need for social distancing, remote work, and online payments. More businesses have appreciated the need for e-commerce and adopting quick and secure online payments.

However, while this is the case for several parts of the country, many Kenyans continue to lag in adopting new technology. These late adopters have suffered the most under the new normal. Many of them have struggled due to ignorance concerning the possible technological tools that can save their businesses. In response, B2B companies such as Simple Sellable Solutions Ltd have positioned themselves to provide tools to help businesses remain afloat during these harsh times. Some of the significant challenges affecting businesses today include; fundraising, receiving secure payment remotely, as well as organizing and tracking transactions.

The Solution

Fundraising has become crucial in recent months as organizations seek ways to increase their liquidity, while others use it to give back to the community. Whether an organization is seeking to raise funds for their projects or community development, it is crucial to have tools that can help start campaigns, reach out to relevant parties, and provide accountability. Lipa Solutions is a product by Simple Sellable that does just that. Through Lipa solutions, organizations can start a fundraising campaign, reach out to their contacts, and secure funds directly to their M-pesa Paybill or Till through the platform. The system also generates reports and keeps records of all transactions, making it easier for organizations to stay organized. The system also supports QuickBooks integration, making it possible for businesses to have automatic QuickBook updates for all M-pesa transactions.

Lipa Solutions also enables businesses or individuals to have a customized “lipa.me” link to raise funds or receive payments for various purposes. An excellent example of this is lipa.me/mamlaka, which the Mamlaka church uses for online fundraising. The link is also ideal for social media fundraising or payment collection as it enables one to receive M-pesa payments while generating a list of participants with their names, contacts, and payment amounts for future reference. Lipa solutions also enable organizations to send out invoices via SMS and receive payments directly from the SMS. Clients receive a reminder to pay and can opt to pay by replying to a prompt within the message, which then gives them a pop-up to input their M-pesa password to complete the payment.

Kenya has taken great leaps in technological advancement in the past decade and is one of the leading countries in mobile money. The country’s dedication to technological advancement has helped set up many organizations for an online transition. However, many companies remain underexposed and have felt the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. At Simple Sellable, we are dedicated to helping organizations find tools to increase their productivity and yield despite the slump. Lipa Solutions is a billing solution designed to help organizations transition smoothly to e-commerce. From fundraising to customized links and QuickBooks updates, Lipa Solutions is the ideal solution for the modern business.



By Christine Njoki - Published 30th Nov 2020, 04:30pm

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