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How to make money through bulk SMS as an affiliate marketer
Published 31st Jul 2021, 11:29pm

Highlights: Inflation and joblessness are on the rise in Kenya. People must find meaningful employment for sustenance. The pandemic has expanded technological advancement and adaptation in the country. Affiliate marketing is a bridge between the old and new forms of employment. Selling bulk SMS is a great way to expand… Read More

How to Create a Successful WISP Billing Business
Published 30th Jun 2021, 11:59pm

Highlights Marketing is one of the most important determinants of success. Word of mouth can make or break you. Good equipment is vital to stable Internet. Consider security when installing hardware. Form good relationships with customers and provide quality products and services. Monitor trends and invest in automation systems such… Read More

How to make money through Bulk SMS
Published 31st May 2021, 11:58pm

There are three lucrative ways to make money through bulk SMS: Make Money Advertising Products and Services Offer Subscription Services via Bulk SMS Become an Affiliate for Simplesell SMS The last two years have given a large number of businesses a reality check on their business model. Owing to the… Read More

How to use bulk SMS to increase your business success
Published 5th May 2021, 10:00pm

Covid-19 and Kenya's Economy The far reaching implications of Covid-19 have turned Kenya's economy upside down. The country's debt level is at an all time high. Kenyans' default rate has gone through the roof. Recent statistics put the default rate at a shocking 14% and projections expect it to rise… Read More

Surviving in business during lockdown
Published 13th Apr 2021, 11:48pm

The sting of the coronavirus pandemic continues to plague the country in 2021. Meanwhile, the president seeks more stringent measures to curb the spread. In the most recent turn of events, the president has placed 5 counties under lockdown having considered them hot spots for the virus. The lockdown means… Read More

How to Start a WISP/ ISP Business in Kenya
Published 28th Feb 2021, 10:00pm

Highlights Internet demand is on the rise and ISP business is more profitable than ever. There are two ways to become an ISP in Kenya. The first is to resell your network to neighbours and the second is to go large scale. Large scale ISP businesses require permits Market research… Read More

Driving Sales with M-pesa and SMS Payment Acknowledgements
Published 13th Feb 2021, 11:16pm

Let us suppose you run a business or non-profit and accept payments/donations via Safaricom M-pesa Till/Paybill. Maybe you run a petrol station, a general shop, a spares store, a church, an events company, a salon, a barber shop, a bar, a restaurant, a juice stand, a car wash etc. When… Read More

How to Send Bulk SMS on Safaricom
Published 4th Feb 2021, 07:46pm

There are two main ways through which you can send bulk SMS on Safaricom: by connecting directly to Safaricom’s servers or by using a third party with a connection to Safaricom Here’s the short version; to connect directly to Safaricom’s servers and send messages that way, you need to be… Read More

Surviving 2021
Published 31st Jan 2021, 01:00pm

2020 was a year of horror for many people across the globe. From the plague of locusts, drought, and flash floods that ravaged the agriculture sector; to the novel coronavirus, 2020 was by far the toughest economic year in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic shook the nation to its core… Read More

How Businesses Can prepare themselves for 2021
Published 31st Dec 2020, 09:00am

An Overview of 2020 2020 was a challenging year for most people and put many businesses to the test. The global economy experienced unprecedented shifts owing to the Covid-19 pandemic with a substantial drop in revenue for most businesses. In Kenya, many people were rendered jobless as companies closed shop… Read More

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