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Valuation Management Software

We offer various products for valuation companies:

Valuation project management software.

This allows you too keep track of your ongoing valuation projects as well as have a record of past valuation products. Features include:

  • capture a new valuation job
  • track expenses associated with a valuation job, including receiving and approving requisitions
  • track payments received from a valuation job
  • view who is undertaking what tasks in a valuation project and what their progress is
  • view reports on projects behind schedule, income/expense reports etc.

Asset tagging and logging software

This allows you to keep an inventory of all of an organisation's assets. Features include:

  • track item, description, location, value, depreciation, people assigned and more
  • use mobile application for tagging assets while on the field. Includes capability to tag assets off-line and sync to an online database when an internet connection becomes available
  • retrieve information on an asset by scanning it's bar code with a mobile application

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