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There are three lucrative ways to make money through bulk SMS:

  • Make Money Advertising Products and Services
  • Offer Subscription Services via Bulk SMS
  • Become an Affiliate for Simplesell SMS

The last two years have given a large number of businesses a reality check on their business model. Owing to the novel Coronavirus, companies across the globe have closed shops, down sized or laid off workers. The economic meltdown has had a drastic effect on global economies and changed the way of living and doing business. Today, most businesses are still reeling from the shock of the pandemic. In addition to all these, paying bills and holding on to one's dreams is becoming more of a challenge as making money has become more difficult for most Kenyans. That said, people must find reliable approaches to making money despite the pandemic.

With the implementation of curfews, lockdowns and social distancing, relying on passing customers is no longer sustainable. As such making money during the pandemic is only possible through problem-solving. Bulk SMS is one of the most reliable approaches to making money during and after the pandemic. Unlike other forms of businesses, people continue to rely on their phones for communication despite global shifts. Building business solutions around mobile phones is a sure way to remain relevant during the global economic crisis. Here I will be presenting three ways that you can make money through Bulk SMS.

Make Money Advertising Products and Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new culture of business and interactions. Social distancing and working from home have formed a fundamental challenge for businesses to reach new clients. However, people nowadays always carry their phones with them everywhere they go. As such, sending them SMS is a guaranteed way to engage new clients. Statistics show that 98% of messages are opened within the first five minutes. Therefore, sending people messages is a sure way to get their attention and spread the word on important information.

Now, you might be wondering how this can help you make money. Well, let me explain. Businesses are having difficulty reaching new clients due to the pandemic. Solving this problem can help you make money. For instance, you can create marketing packages and charge businesses to send out messages to new or existing clients on their behalf. By connecting businesses with new clients through bulk SMS, you can enjoy a stable income while adding value to society. To achieve the goal you need to create a bulk SMS account with a reliable bulk messaging service. Also, you need to register a dedicated sender ID for your brand and start your outreach. It is essential to make sure you create sensible packages so that the money clients pay you covers SMS costs, running costs and leaves you with good margins. It is advisable to work with a bulk messaging service that has a stable app such as SimpleSell SMS since this will increase your flexibility. With the SimpleSell SMS app, you can do several things including the following: download the app on multiple devices, send messages from your phone, send messages from the phone book and even schedule message campaigns.

There are several services that you can offer using bulk SMS to create a stable income. You can send out alerts, create SMS newsletters, send out SMS ads, send One Time Passwords (OTP), and even provide entertainment.

Offer Subscription Services via Bulk SMS

Another sure way of making money through bulk SMS is through subscription services. This approach is one of the most lucrative approaches to making money through bulk SMS. Unlike advertising where clients will pay you for the service, the subscription approach relies on the recipients paying for the service. As such, you must ensure that you offer content that people are willing to pay for. However, the approach ensures consistent profits since clients pay for each message they receive. Subscription services are labour-intensive and require continuous research. For example, if you send your subscribers sports updates, it is vital to ensure that the information is up-to-date. That means you must consistently stay up-to-date on the subject matter to offer value.

There is a wide range of areas to offer information on from politics, news, business trends, farming and agriculture, healthcare, sports, and entertainment. While using bulk SMS as a way to make money is a great idea. Your success rate relies greatly on discipline and restrain. Generally, people hate advertisements. As such, it is crucial to make sure you do not bombard readers with too many messages or you will get blocked. Being black-listed can effectively undermine your overall success as a service provider in the industry. To avoid being blocked make sure your SMS recipients get value from your messages. Also, limit the number of messages you send out to the same clients and regularly change the SMS content to avoid being labelled as spam.

Become an Affiliate for SimpleSell SMS

Another way to make money through bulk SMS is to make money without creating content or a product. To achieve this, you can become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn as it does not cost you anything. Unlike the first two approaches where you need to make investments, affiliate marketing does not require any investment. Basically, affiliates recommend products or services to other people and make a commission on sales. As such, the person gets paid for helping a business reach new paying customers. During the harsh economic times orchestrated by COVID-19 both businesses and individuals need to reach new clients.

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to provide value to people by solving a problem. The idea behind SimpleSell SMS is to do just that. By partnering with driven and like-minded individuals, Simple Sellable Solutions provides a problem-solving platform in the form of bulk SMS while generating wealth for affiliates. There are different types of affiliate programs with the majority offering pay per sale or commissions. The challenge with this approach is that it only yields a short-term income for affiliates. Consequently, businesses using this framework continually reap from the client, while the affiliate only gets paid once.

With SimpleSell SMS, the goal is to form lasting partnerships with affiliates and thus increase motivation. What this means is that, unlike other affiliate programs where people get paid once for their service, SimpleSell SMS pays you a percentage of what the new client spends on topups on the system. So every time they buy SMS, you will get a commission and as you build more clients under you, your income will grow exponentially. By using this method, you can create a steady income without spending any money on your part. You earn extra money while we reach more customers—everybody wins!

By Christine Njoki - Published 31st May 2021, 11:58pm

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