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  • Inflation and joblessness are on the rise in Kenya.
  • People must find meaningful employment for sustenance.
  • The pandemic has expanded technological advancement and adaptation in the country.
  • Affiliate marketing is a bridge between the old and new forms of employment.
  • Selling bulk SMS is a great way to expand one’s income though it is costly to venture into.
  • Becoming an affiliate is a great way to increase one’s income.
  • SimpleSell SMS offers a great affiliate system thus helping Kenyans to secure stable employment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new culture of business and interactions within the last two years. The legal restrictions on movement, contact and interaction have negatively impacted businesses across the country. People are losing their jobs every day and Kenyans are becoming more uncertain about the future. With the nations labour force standing at a mere 56.8%, the country's economic future is in limbo. In addition to these challenges, the Kenyan shilling has plummeted against the dollar and shows signs of dropping further. Meanwhile, fuel prices have skyrocketed owing to increased taxes. The prevailing circumstances play a depressing tune for most Kenyans and have left many besides themselves in fear.

However, all is not lost! It is still possible to make a sustainable living in Kenya despite the movement restrictions and falling economy. Now more than ever, Kenyans need to consider alternative sources of income and adjust to the world of remote work. Kenya has taken great leaps in technological advancement and has increased its focus on these in the last two years. The pandemic has necessitated an online transition. Despite this, many people remain underexposed and continue to reel in the economic effects of the pandemic. However, you don't have to struggle to make ends meet. By equipping yourself with the right tools, you can easily expand your economic net and rake in big despite the pandemic. In this article, we will discuss how to become economically independent through SMS affiliate marketing.

Many people feel intimidated when faced with the option of remote work and online employment. In part, this is due to the low penetration of such practices in the country. However, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest approaches to online work. Basically, instead of getting permanent employment online, affiliates can make money online by promoting a product or service to their friends, family and social networks. To put it in simpler terms, an affiliate is a broker. As such, you can become an affiliate and continue with your daily job. Consequently, you will make an extra income on the side during your free time, without interfering with your day job. Moreover, affiliate marketing offers flexibility rather than traditional remote employment, which demands specific working hours. As such, becoming an affiliate is the bridge between the old and new forms of employment.

Bulk SMS is one of the most reliable approaches to making money during and after the pandemic. Unlike other forms of businesses, people continue to rely on their phones for communication. Building business solutions around mobile phones is a sure way to remain relevant during the global economic crisis. However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. SMSes are still a thing and are widely used in rural and urban settings. Statistically speaking, SMS is the most effective communication tool compared to online marketing, email campaign or traditional media. 98% of messages are opened within the first 5 minutes. In contrast, only 30% of marketing emails are opened at all. Kenya's mobile phone penetration in the country current stands at 80%. Moreover, research shows that SMS use is on the rise since the start of the pandemic as most people own at least a feature phone.

It is clear that bulk SMS is a lucrative opportunity. However, getting into the business of selling messages in bulk has several challenges. First, the initial capital required for bulk SMS is large. Most bulk SMS providers require buying large volumes worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. In addition, there is the risk of buying volumes and not being able to sell them in good time due to expiration dates. Such scenarios can lead to astronomical losses. However, as an affiliate, there is no need to buy anything. Basically, affiliates recommend products or services to other people and make a commission on sales. As such, the person gets paid for helping a business reach new paying customers.

At Simple Sellable, we are dedicated to helping you find tools to increase your productivity and yield results despite the economic slump. It is vital to provide value to people by solving a problem. The idea behind the SimpleSell SMS affiliate program is to do just that. By partnering with driven and like-minded individuals, Simple Sellable Solutions provides a problem-solving platform in the form of bulk SMS while generating wealth for affiliates. You too can become an affiliate and increase your income drastically.

You can learn more about the bulk SMS and affiliate program from the SimpleSell SMS platform or send an email to


By Christine Njoki - Published 31st Jul 2021, 11:29pm

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