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In the current economic climate money management is one of the most important skills. Accounting for your resources is highly instrumental to successful economic growth. Since 2019 the issue of Covid-19 has negatively impacted world economies as well as individual incomes. Efficient resource management is much more important now than it has ever been before. There's a saying that goes, "take care of the penny and the pound will take care of itself." As such it is expedient for people to have a high level of sensitivity to how they spend their money. It is easy to underestimate how much money people really spend buying airtime.

Have you ever wondered how much money you spend on airtime? A recent study by the communications authority of Kenya revealed that Kenyans spend more on airtime than they do on any other expense. In fact the statistics are so staggering as they suggest that Kenyans spend most on airtime followed by bus fare, hotel food and then on rent. Based on that study, the amount of money that Kenyans spend on airtime went to 75 billion minutes and 55 billion SMS. This implies that airtime accounts for the greatest expense in financial resources.

Can you imagine spending more money on airtime than on rent? What is more surprising is that most people do not realise just how much money they spent on airtime. In fact most Kenyans thought that the rental expense was the highest expense. This shows a serious disconnect between facts and assumptions. It also explains the challenge people have managing their resources since they cannot account for most of their expenses. In light of this, it is vital for people to increase their awareness on their expenses.

At Simple Sellable Solutions we believe in helping people to increase efficiency, awareness and accountability. That is why we came up with Lipa Airtime Top-up. With this new system people can create accounts that help them to monitor their time expenditure. The system allows you to top up for your own number or for other numbers. You can even top up multiple accounts at the same time. The system is also very instrumental to monitoring your expenditure as it creates charts and illustrations of airtime expenses over time.

However the most important feature of this new system is that it allows you to schedule airtime top ups. As such you can decide how much airtime you want to be spending a week or a month and schedule the airtime top-up in a month. That way, you can dictate the exact amount of money that you want to spend on airtime every month. The airtime top-up is compatible with Safaricom, Airtel, Faiba and Telkom and enables you to buy airtime from one simple paybill. You can even top-up with Bonga points or Fuliza. The system is user-friendly and very straight forward making it ideal for both personal and corporate use.

The scheduling airtime feature is one of the most popular feature as it increases the flexibility exponentially. For instance an employer can create an account with a Lipa Airtime Top-up and schedule airtime top-ups for employees well in advance. Through the system Kenyans can now increase their financial management by consciously controlling the amount of money they spend on airtime as well as monitoring how much they actually use on the same.

Under the current economic conditions it is advisable for people to increase their awareness on resource management and get a hold on their finances. Through Lipa Airtime Top-up one can achieve this objective thus improving the financial management. Moreover they can exempt themselves from the trend of spending more on airtime than other more vital things.

By Christine Njoki - Published 31st Aug 2021, 04:44pm

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