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The Month of Love

February has come to a close. The month of February is synonymous with love, chocolates, and celebration. However, this year's celebrations were subpar compared to some other years, or so it is alleged. Apparently, the month of "Njaanuary" somehow managed to creep into February hence extending the economic struggles for many Kenyans. This is not surprising considering the inflation rate currently stands at 6.1% according to the Central bank of Kenya and is predicted to continue rising. With the rising cost of fuel, food, and utilities, going on Valentine's trip or buying expensive gifts for loved ones is not feasible for most people. Consequently, the economic crunch has created a rift between lovers with reports indicating reduced affection owing to financial frustration. It is difficult for most people to stay on top of their bills and responsibilities and thus a good number of them are taking it out on their partners.

Nowadays, the words “gold digger” are being thrown around for the most ridiculous reasons.
“The electricity bill is due...” - Gold digger!
"The principal is asking about the school fees..." - Gold digger!
“The doctor said the issue will require surgery...” - Gold digger!

Money and Relationships

Many relationships have broken up because of the economy with most partners squabbling over finances. It is also more common to hear people say that their partner is materialistic, only to learn that they were merely stating the obvious. Money is the leading cause for divorce globally and the state of the economy is not helping. With prices skyrocketing and the government imposing more taxes on already struggling citizens, stress levels are at an all-time high. Naturally, these less than ideal circumstances have made several people implode as they try to keep up with being an adult in a dysfunctional society. Additionally, the expectations that come with Valentine's celebrations have pushed some people over the edge. While no one person can be blamed for this situation, it is necessary to address the issue and find a solution to this crisis.   

February is the month of love and everybody knows there is nothing more lovely than having money to share with your loved ones. However, just like the Grinch stole Christmas, one can say inflation stole Valentines. Rather than being a month of love, February was a struggle for many Kenyans and the thought of romance was far from many people's minds. In fact, the global Valentines sales were a significant drop from previous years. When money is scarce, Valentine's expenses become a luxury, and demands surrounding the celebration are viewed with resentment. As a result, people have become increasingly open to opportunities to make an extra shilling, which would help in reducing the economic burden. However, this has brought about significant risk as unscrupulous characters prey on desperate individuals.

Increasing Financial Stability

Generating an extra income is something that many Kenyans desire. However, while that is the dream for everyone, the sad reality is that most people are struggling to stay afloat during these harsh economic times. In turn, the idea of creating wealth on one's terms is a distant dream that many deem unattainable. The reason for this is the fact that most people do not know where to start in their quest for financial freedom. Meanwhile, their frustrations continue to trickle down into their love lives resulting in a blame game, and a cycle of disappointment and resentment. They make promises based on hopes and expectations only to have their hopes crushed by the clutches of poverty. They take loans to impress friends and family only to suffer alone when it is time to repay the debt.

A large number of Kenyans believe that creating wealth is a privilege reserved for a lucky few. However, this could not be further from the truth. Earning a high income while maintaining flexible working hours is attainable even in Kenya. It is possible to have a surplus to spend on hobbies and to entertain loved ones. However, this requires a unique approach to business and a healthy dose of creativity. With the rise of the sharing economy, it is easier now than ever for people to make millions online. Due to globalization and internet penetration within the country, a person can work from home and earn twice as much as someone going to the office every day. Kenyans must learn genuine and realistic ways to increase their income and take back their happiness.  

Take back your life, make your dreams a reality!

Money cannot buy happiness and it cannot buy love! But it makes a huge difference in how we experience happiness and love.

The reality is that most people want money so that they can share it with those they love. This can mean building your parents their dream home; taking your kids to the best schools; going on that dream holiday; providing a good life for your family; surprising your spouse with their dream car; throwing lavish parties for friends and family and getting a premium medical cover for your folks. Most problems people have can be solved simply by adding money. The world we live in is run by money and those who have more of it are the true kings. The reason most people work so hard to get degrees and connections is to earn more money. Others migrate to other countries in pursuit of a better life, which can only be facilitated by a better economy and money. In other words, the goal for most people is to make more money.

At Simple Sellable Solutions, we understand the importance of making your dreams a reality. We believe in empowering the youth to increase their earnings and contribute to the economy. To achieve this, we created a program tailored to help Kenyans earn more money from home. The program tackles two important aspects of financial freedom: marketing and earning. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of making money. It is difficult to sell your products and services if people do not know about them. Unfortunately, most marketing programs are expensive and revolve around a tier system. However, our bulk SMS system offers a pay-as-you-go system with no tier system, which means that you only pay for what you need.

The system allows you to send bulk messages on the go, create templates, schedule messages and send bulk SMS from your mobile devices through the SimpleSell SMS app. This means that you can create a free account and start sending bulk SMS to people on your phonebook, send updates on your products and services or upload a contacts spreadsheet to reach your clients while on the go.  

Earn money to offset the costs of sending bulk SMS!

Maybe you want to send messages in bulk but you don't have enough money to meet your demands. Don't worry. Our affiliate program enables you to earn as much as 10% from referrals, which can help you to offset your SMS costs.

The best part is that the program offers a continuous loyalty program, which means that you will always earn a commission from whatever your referrals spend on the platform. You can use the money to buy bulk SMS or opt to withdraw the money to improve your lifestyle, making it a win-win for you. With the SimpleSell SMS affiliate program, you can earn money on your own terms since there are no fixed working hours or quarters you have to meet. With the extra earnings, you can enjoy greater financial freedom and realize your dreams. Greater financial freedom equals more peace of mind as well as a better experience with love and happiness. Get in touch with the affiliate team through the email and increase your income sources.





By Christine Njoki - Published 28th Feb 2022, 09:30pm

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