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Buy Airtime for All Networks in Kenya

Do you need to top-up airtime for multiple phone numbers at once? Bulk airtime purchases can be challenging, especially if you have to enter each number one at a time. It takes a lot of time and is boring in addition to being outdated. There are several circumstances in which you would desire to purchase airtime for multiple mobile numbers. For instance, you might want to buy airtime for your kids remotely or as a gift for family members who live in the village. You might also want to buy a lot of employees' worth of airtime for corporate use. Or perhaps you simply have a lot of phone numbers and want to buy for all of them at once. You can purchase airtime from Lipa Solutions for a variety of phone lines, including Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel, and Faiba using the Lipa Airtime M-pesa Paybill 707558. It is possible to purchase airtime for multiple numbers at once or a single phone number at a time.

How to buy airtime for multiple phone numbers in Kenya

  • Login to Lipa Airtime dashboard (creating an account is free).
  • Select “Batch Topup” under airtime on the left side of the screen.
  • Input the name for the Batch Topup such as “staff airtime”
  • Input the amount. Please note that the amount will be the airtime to be sent to each recipient. So if you input KES 1,000, each recipient will receive 1,000 airtime.
  • Select the target group. This is the category of individuals from the address book that you want to send airtime to. So for instance, you can have a group for family, friends, and employees. You can customize groups however you want and upload contacts from a spreadsheet.
  • Finally, select when you want to send out the airtime. By default, the system sends out the airtime immediately though you can schedule for another date and time.
  • To schedule for later, select “Later” and choose when you want the airtime to send.
  • Select “Send Batch Topup.”
  • The airtime is then queued and sent to the numbers.
  • The system generates reports on airtime delivery, which you can view under “Reports.”

How to buy airtime using Bonga Points

No airtime? No Problem! Lipa Airtime Top-up enables you to buy airtime using Bonga points or Fuliza for your line or other numbers. Safaricom's Bonga points system enables customers to reap loyalty benefits from past purchases. The service facilitates making purchases or payments using Bonga points rather than cash. Safaricom allows its users to purchase airtime, electricity tokens, and pay for goods and services via Paybill or till. To access the service, you need to open the Bonga points menu by dialing *126#. The menu is free and accessible to all Safaricom network users. Also, there is no transaction charge for using Bonga points. The only amount deducted is the value of the product or service you pay for using the platform. Through this menu, you can enroll for Bonga points, check your Bonga points balance, explore Bonga points offers, transfer Bonga points or make payments using Bonga points.

To buy airtime using Bonga points you can follow the steps below:

  • Dial *126# to go to the Bonga points menu
  • Select the option “Lipa na Bonga points”
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter Business number 707558
  • Key in the phone number you want to buy airtime for under “Account Number”
  • Key in the amount of money you want to pay for the airtime
  • Confirm the details of your payment
  • Enter your Safaricom service pin to initiate the payment

How to buy airtime using Fuliza

Fuliza is a continual overdraft service that lets you finish M-pesa transactions when you don't have enough money, according to the Safaricom website. In other words, Fuliza enables M-pesa users to complete a payment from their M-pesa account even when they do not have enough money in their M-pesa account to finish a transaction. In order to use Fuliza, all you need to do is do regular M-pesa transactions; if you don't have enough money, Fuliza M-pesa will make up the difference.

To buy airtime using Fuliza you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to M-pesa.
  • Select Lipa na M-pesa
  • Select the Pay Bill option.
  • Enter the business number 707558.
  • Enter the phone number you want to buy airtime for as the account number.
  • Enter the amount of Airtime you want to buy.
  • Input the PIN number and click send.
  • A popup will show the transaction details, phone number, and amount for confirmation.
  • Select the first option “Fuliza” to pay for the transactions.
  • M-pesa will process your transaction and you will receive a message receipt from M-pesa as well as your recharge balance.
  • To check your Fuliza balance and limit dial *234#

You can purchase airtime from Lipa Airtime Top-up for the Telkom, Airtel, Safaricom, and Faiba networks using the paybill number 707558. Using Lipa Airtime, you may purchase airtime with Fuliza or Bonga for as low as 5 bob and as many times as you require. You can even purchase airtime for several phone numbers and schedule future airtime top-ups. Additionally, there is a 2 percent bonus for airtime that costs 200 Bob or more.

You can learn more at https://topup.lipa.solutions.

By Christine Njoki - Published 31st Jul 2022, 11:29pm

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