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The month of August was a slow month for many businesses in Kenya owing to the tensions associated with the 2022 Presidential Elections. Kenya has had a long history of political volatility, especially during the time of elections, which is why many people were afraid to invest or spend during that period. With this in mind, many people withheld payments, postponed projects and even cancelled orders. However, with the major hurdle behind us and the Supreme court ruling coming to a close. Kenyans have begun going back to normal in their business ventures and day-to-day lives. However, these disruptions have negatively affected many businesses across the country. As such, businesses must identify ways to increase the consistency of their earnings and monitor their transactions.

Staying Organized

M-pesa is one of the leading methods of transaction in the country. With the concerns associated with the physical handling of cash in the country, more businesses have switched the use of M-pesa Paybills and tills to receive payment. Unfortunately, keeping track of M-pesa payments, sorting through various client records and generating clear reports for M-pesa transactions is a major challenge for many businesses. Moreover, some businesses rely on Quickbooks to manage their business transactions and bookkeeping. However, this often means manually inputting M-pesa transactions one at a time, which can be tedious. These problems necessitate rethinking how we use M-pesa to increase ease of operations. Lipa Solutions addresses these problems and more.

The capacity to launch campaigns, connect with the right people, and hold people accountable is vital for any organization looking to collect money for its initiatives or community development. Simple Sellable's Lipa Solutions is a product that accomplishes precisely that. Organizations may use Lipa Solutions to launch a fundraising effort, connect with connections, and obtain money through the platform for their M-pesa Paybill or Till. Additionally, the system creates reports and maintains a record of every transaction, which helps firms stay organized. Businesses may have automatic QuickBook updates for all M-pesa transactions thanks to the system's support for QuickBooks connection.

Convenience with Lipa Solutions

The use of SMS for both communication and invoicing is one of the most cost-efficient and successful measures that organizations can take to improve their communication. Lipa Solutions makes billing with M-pesa simple and effective while supporting SMS advertising and marketing. Also, the system's capabilities include M-Pesa payment updates for QuickBooks, invoice and payment alerts, and SMS billing. One of the most popular features is SMS billing, which enables organizations to send SMS invoices and accept M-Pesa payments from customers by having them reply to the SMS. Businesses may quickly and easily receive payments thanks to Lipa Solutions. The solution allows users to make payments by simply replying to texts by connecting SMS and mobile money services like M-Pesa. As a result, the system minimizes errors caused by incorrect payments or phone numbers. The system also offers capabilities that let you SMS bills to clients.

Additionally, Lipa Solutions enables organizations or individuals to create a personalized "" address to collect money or accept payments for different goals. You may check out as a great illustration of this by clicking the link. The link is also perfect for social media fundraisers or payment collection since it lets you accept M-pesa payments and create a list of contributors with their names, contact information, and payment amounts for later use.

Who can use Lipa Solutions?

Lipa Solutions is for anyone who wants to increase the efficiency of their M-pesa management. From businesses to chamas and individuals, Lipa Solutions offers tools to improve the management of one's M-pesa transactions. Whether you are interested in M-pesa payment reports, Quickbooks integration with M-pesa, sorting and sifting through M-pesa transactions by time or client Lipa Solutions is the way to go. In other words, anyone interested in safely and conveniently making and receiving M-pesa payments should consider Lipa Solutions.

Why you should be using Lipa Solutions

  • Establishing the system is simple, and you can start selling right away.
  • You can include it on your website. Nowadays, customers frequently view businesses as more trustworthy if they take payments through their websites.
  • Gives recurring payments more convenience. You may set up a system to automatically collect payments following the end of the membership period so that you don't have to keep reminding them to pay and asking them to mail checks.
  • Encourages impulsive purchases. If you are running a promotion and there is an online payment system in place, purchasers are more likely to take advantage of any offers or discounts because the transaction is quick and simple.
  • It eliminates geographical limitations and enables clients/contributors to make purchases even when they are not physically present by encouraging instant payment, while still making payments easy to track.
  • Reconciliation is simple. Your books will be simple to balance and keep track of.

We at Simple Sellable are committed to assisting businesses in locating resources to raise production and yield despite the downturn. Lipa Solutions is intended to ease the move to e-commerce for businesses. Lipa Solutions is the best option for contemporary businesses, offering everything from personalized payment links to QuickBooks integration.

By Christine Njoki - Published 7th Sep 2022, 08:50pm

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