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To buy airtime for Airtel line you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to your M-pesa Menu.
  • Select the option "Lipa na M-pesa."
  • Select "Pay Bill."
  • Enter the business number 707558.
  • Enter the Airtel phone number you want to topup as the account number.
  • Enter the amount of Airtime you want to buy.
  • Input the PIN number and click ok.

Lipa airtime makes it possible to topup airtime for Airtel network using the paybill number 707558. The system also enables you to buy airtime with Fuliza or Bonga for as low as 5 bob and as many times as need. You may also purchase airtime for several phone numbers and schedule future airtime top-ups with a free account at Additionally, there is a 2 percent bonus for airtime that costs 200 bob or more.


By Christine Njoki - Published 31st Oct 2022, 08:03pm

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