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How to earn Passive Income in Kenya as an Affiliate


Imagine being able to pay off your debts and say goodbye to those nuisance debt collectors!

Imagine being able to take your family on a quick holiday in the middle of the month or even at the beginning of January!

Imagine buying that luxury item that you have been seeing on social media with your favourite influencer - debt free!


This sounds like a far-fetched dream but the reality is that everything you see on social media and TV is someone's reality. And that someone can be YOU. Yes, you. Many opportunities are popping up everywhere today but people are either unaware of them or too afraid to take that first step. Most people are languishing in poverty and have decided to resign to their fate but giving up is not the answer. You must be willing to see the possibilities to take that first step towards financial freedom. One of the sure guarantees of not only surviving but thriving during an economic recession is to have a passive income. A passive income is a form of income that requires little effort to maintain. Unlike an active income such as a job where you have to work every day to get a salary, a passive income does not require as much continuous effort.

Please note I said "little effort" not "zero effort." There are many people out there that are preaching hogwash in the name of "passive income" and promising people that they can earn money with zero effort. If you come across such a claim, please run like your life depends on it. That is a scam! There are many forms of passive income such as real estate, bonds, dividends, royalties, etc. For instance, if you want to venture into real estate, you will require to put in substantial effort to start. However, once the project is complete you will only require a little effort to maintain the properties and address the needs of tenants. Meanwhile, if you create a product that will pay you royalties, you will need substantial effort to create a worthwhile product. However, you will still need to put some effort to ensure that the product remains relevant. As such, most forms of passive income still require effort.

Today, I will be talking about earning passive income through affiliate marketing. Now, I would like to tell you that affiliate marketing is easy money where you can just earn without doing anything but that would be a lie. Even though it is technically considered a form of passive income, it requires a lot of seriousness and commitment to make a substantial income from it. However, affiliate marketing is likely one of the easiest forms of passive income to get into since you do not require (in most cases) any upfront capital. When you become an affiliate you basically earn by referring the products or services of a particular brand to others and earn a commission. Affiliates, therefore, recommend these goods or services to their audience (which can include friends and family) and receives money in the event of a purchase.

How Does It Work?

Since affiliate marketing is online-based, the affiliate receives a unique link or code that identifies them on the site. The purpose of these links and codes is to help draw traffic towards the website and increase sales. Since each affiliate link or code is unique to the affiliate the website can keep track of the customers that have signed up under or as a result of the affiliate's efforts. The affiliate then gets a predetermined percentage of the total sales that come as a result of that link. As such, the more aggressive the affiliate is in sharing the information (link) and recruiting people, the higher their commissions. Now you might be wondering, "how is this a passive income if the affiliate has to keep posting and reaching out?" Well, it all depends on the nature of the affiliate system.

Before you sign up for any affiliate system you have to understand how that system works. Some affiliate systems offer a limited number of links per day as a way of capping earnings. For instance, they can say something like "earn a commission for the first 10 signups using the affiliate link." That would mean that if the link results in 40 new signups for the company, the affiliate will only get paid for the first 10. Similarly, some affiliate systems cap the affiliate's earnings at a certain amount. For instance, the company can say earn 5% of all sales capped at KES 3,000. This would mean that the company will only pay the commissions for orders up to KES 60,000. In other words, if the affiliate link generates, for instance, KES 100,000 the affiliate will still earn KES 3,000. In such affiliate systems, the affiliate is at a disadvantage especially if he or she is a hard worker since their earnings are limited to a certain amount.

Most affiliate systems are a one-off pay-per-purchase where you earn a commission for every time a client purchases that particular product the first time. What this means is that when someone returns to buy the same product again, you will not get a commission the second time or any other subsequent purchase. However, some affiliate programs enable you to earn continuously from every returning purchase of customers recruited via your link. A good example of this is the SimpleSell SMS Affiliate system.

SimpleSell SMS is a bulk messaging service that enables the user to send messages to multiple numbers across various networks easily and affordably. The system considers important use cases such as mobile phone usage, scheduling messages for later, downloading Google contacts, viewing reports, and even sending delivery statuses among others. The product is available in several countries in Africa including Kenya, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. SimpleSell SMS is a product by Simple Sellable Solutions Ltd.

At Simple Sellable Solutions, we believe in being part of the solution in addressing the economic challenges of the recession. We believe in building lasting relationships with our partners and affiliates for the good of all parties involved. That is why our affiliate program is different from other offerings out there. For starters, we have not placed a cap on the affiliate earnings to make it possible for people's hard work to be reworded. We believe that your happiness and success as an affiliate are our success as a company. Moreover, we have one of the highest commission rates available in the market at 10%. What this means is that you earn 10% of any amount of money a person spends on buying our bulk SMS.

Why Should You Become An Affiliate?

No or Minimal Investment

Simply put, you are promoting things to other people as an online marketer. You are not making things. If you decide to purchase a premium site, the only cash you will have to commit is to build your website. Even better, you may use a free hosting service like Wordpress to run your affiliate marketing blog. You can pay others to put up your website if you're not very adept at the technical aspects of doing so for a minimal charge.

Anyone can do it

Getting started in affiliate programs is quite simple. First, you will need to select the niche you will serve is the first step. You can employ that if you're interested in a specific subject of concern. Alternatively, you can decide on a subject matter that you find quite an at ease discussing. There are minimum academic requirements and professional experience requirements for any career that individuals seek, particularly now that the economic climate has become increasingly fierce. The low entry threshold for affiliate marketing is among the many benefits. You don't need a particular degree or body of relevant work experience. Of course, having some background experience may benefit you in the day-to-day aspects of the job but that is not a must.

Being your own boss

Any organisation you work for has a superior to who you ought to answer. Your manager will evaluate your performance and determine your duties. Working for others might sometimes feel oppressive, even if they are a nice and decent supervisor. However, you are the boss if you work in an affiliate program and our operating schedule is up to you. Even your workspace and the projects you concentrate on are up to you. You are completely free to select the kinds of merchandise you want to promote and to replace them as you see fit.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate Marketer

  • Don’t be spammy. You need to have a unique approach. Don’t just copy past links everywhere and expect people to click on them. Give them an eye-catching reason to do so.
  • Be hard-working (especially at the beginning). As stated earlier, affiliate marketing like all other forms of marketing requires some investment in the form of time and seriousness.
  • Think outside the box. There are many ways of creating content that can work with affiliate marketing. Whether you are already a content creator or you are starting, you will need to apply some
  • Be patient (especially at the beginning). Building any form of passive income requires patience since you need to gain some level of trust.
  • Start from the known to the unknown - literary. It is easier to sell to people you know than to people you do not know. Market to friends and family first and build your confidence before you branch out to strangers.
  • Be persistent. You need to be aggressive and persistent in putting out content to build an audience.
  • Seek out high-ticket clients rather than small clients. Having a few large clients is more lucrative than having many small clients.

To become an affiliate marketer for SimpleSell bulk SMS you can get in touch with us at or


By Christine Njoki - Published 30th Nov 2022, 10:39pm

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