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Distributing numerous messages via text in bulk, such as commercial or advertising bulk SMS, is often done for business purposes. The most cost-effective and quick way to inform and promote to your customers is through bulk SMS. It can help promote goods and services, boost customer involvement, or notify your target audience of essential matters. By employing automated, tailored, and engaging bulk SMS and shortcodes, you may use mobile SMS advertising to personalize your business's communications with clients and foster close relationships with them.

Mobile devices play a significant role in people's lives today, with studies indicating that users spend more than five hours daily on them. Therefore, companies must use marketing techniques that successfully connect with the market they want to reach; one such technique is bulk SMS. Sending bulk SMS is the quickest approach to contact your clientele because the majority of individuals use their mobile devices all day long. With approximately 46 million mobile device users and a 91% cellphone penetration rate as of 2021, bulk SMS services such as SimpleSell Bulk SMS are a preferred marketing strategy in Kenya.

Uses of bulk SMS:

  • Sign up for SimpleSell SMS marketing campaigns - Whether you're preparing votes, reaching out to people, or sharing thoughts, sending bulk messages will save you money, and time, and bring you more direct reactions.
  • Surveys - Users can use bulk SMS to send automated messages for surveys at a minimal cost.
  • Utilize short-term bulk SMS to alert your customers about upcoming sales, restrictions, promotions, and discounts.
  • Verification and Reminders - Clients can be alerted about and confirmed purchases made online using short code SMS service.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why your business should start using bulk SMS:

Instant message delivery Effect

With bulk SMS, an infinite amount of text messages can be sent with just one click. This saves time when sending messages in bulk. Using SimpleSell's bulk SMS can be used to send promotional messages, maintenance alerts, and essential announcements. Unlike emails, which may go to junk or go unnoticed for days, a text message takes just a few seconds for it to reach its recipient of choice. Bulk texting accelerates speed by delivering a large number of recipients at once, allowing changes to be made to the communications at the source, making it incredibly flexible to use in this modern age.

High Rate of Open

Among the many applications for bulk SMS are lead creation, product and service promotion, notice sending, surveying, and confirmation and reminders. Statistics show that SMS is read 98% of the time, but emails are only opened 20% of the time. 

Simple to use and navigate

It offers an attractive and user-friendly interface. The SimpleSell SMS solution is easy to use: It may be used immediately and at any time without the need for any specialized training or knowledge. Because of its effectiveness, it encourages quick sales, which leads to very favourable outcomes for a business.

Fewer Boundaries to Conveyance

Due to its accessibility from feature phones (mulika mwizi) and the absence of delivery barriers like spam filters which hinder promotional messages from communicating with their intended recipients, bulk SMS delivery is also dependable.

Recipients do not need to put in any effort

Bulk SMS recipients don't need to exert any effort because marketing is restricted by the 160-character SMS character limit to make their communication clear and simple to read. Furthermore, recipients have the option to opt in or out right away, giving companies the chance to target solely clients who want their company's service or product, establish their trustworthiness, and avoid wasting precious resources on cold leads.


SMS marketing en masse is extremely economical. Since bulk SMS has a higher return on investment (ROI) compared to other forms of advertising like banners, broadcasting, or publication, it is a very effective way to communicate with clientele. Additionally, SMS advertising saves a great deal of time because time is money. By setting up SMS components in advance, you can plan your SMS advertising initiatives. This is an effective time management technique.

Opt-in and out immediately

Targeting only consumers who find value in the good or service you offer is essential for the success of your company. This keeps you from losing your time and resources on non-existent prospects, enhances the trust of your business, and protects consumers from intrusive marketing. With bulk SMS, recipients may sign up for or cancel their subscription from the text message promotion by simply dialling a number. In turn, this provides valuable information on who to target in future.

The following are some of SimpleSell's key features:

  • SimpleSell's bulk SMS service is accessible from any place around the world provided you're connected to the internet thanks to its online nature.
  • Branding: Bulk SMS texts are sent featuring the name of your business, such as "SimpleSell," rather than a phone number. This not only promotes the company but also guarantees the legitimacy of the information.
  • Detailed reports: Receive thorough and accurate reports on the delivery status of every bulk SMS message that has been sent.
  • Personalized messages: Address your consumers by name and incorporate whatever information you happen to have regarding someone in a tailored SMS message.
  • Scheduling: By scheduling messages, you are capable of sending the bulk SMS instantaneously or at a later date and time. This function enables you to set up alerts for occasions, gatherings, and appointments among other messages to clients.

Register for a SimpleSell bulk SMS account today at https://sms.simplesellable.com/


By Christine Njoki - Published 4th May 2023, 03:00pm

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