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Online Training (e-learning) Solutions

With stiff competition in the work place, busy schedules and the proliferation of mobile devices that can access the web, a large number of professionals are turning to online learning to expand their knowledge and remain relevant in their respective fields. E-learning, as it's popularly known, allows students the flexibility of pursuing their studies from anywhere provided they have an internet connection. Students are also able to pick hours that are convenient for them.

Our custom e-learning solution is mobile-friendly thereby enabling students to easily access content on the go. Our solution is ideal for:

  • corporate training and re-training of staff
  • schools wishing to make course content available online
  • seminars

Some of its features include:

  • support for a wide variety of medium including video, documents and plain text
  • automatically tracking progress of individual users allowing users to resume later
  • allows for setting time limits on access to specific courses for individual users
  • allows for setting quizzes and exams with automatic grading
  • designed to work across a wide range of devices ranging from mobile phones to desktop computers

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